CTV cameras are an invaluable tool for security surveillance, investigations and deterring criminals. They are also widely used in business for identifying potential accidents, monitoring machinery and industrial processes. At MandlaTata we take pride in having installed the first 5MP IP camera in South Africa in 2008. Today we continue to offer a wide range of the latest CCTV cameras and related products.

Comprehensive range of bullet, dome and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom – see image top right) security cameras. We have both IP and analogue cameras in a variety of megapixels. We also have specialist cameras for clients with more demanding requirements. Vehicle surveillance cameras – allows you to remotely monitor and record all activity on your vehicles. Very popular with logistics and transportation companies.

CCTV cameras need to be regularly cleaned and serviced. Neglecting to do so will affect their performance and reduce their operating life. The best way to ensure your system is regularly serviced and fully supported is by signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


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